Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm fine. Sadly, I am not in labor, although I swore I was for a few hours yesterday. Tim is convinced that I am doing too many things (but if I didn't do them, the state of our household would be even worse than what it currently is! I have no good solution for this besides hiring a nanny. Would one of you like to nanny for me?). I am frustrated because I hate to be That Person. I try not to freak out and take my children to the ER at every ailment. I try to take care of the family without intervention whenever possible, yet I have been to labor and delivery twice with this baby! That seems ridiculous to me.

When I wrote yesterday's post, I was having some major back pain while sitting on the sofa, and painful contractions. I did call the OB's office, and the nurse told me that it was possible it was false labor, but that my OB would want me to head to the hospital. So we did. And the pain lessened and the contractions slowed and after a couple of hours they sent me home. Again. I did find out that I'm 60% effaced, which is some sign of progression, but I wasn't going to have the baby last night (obviously, as I sit at my desk and type this!). What was all that back pain about? I do not know. Clearly, I am losing it.

So, hopefully I will not be That Woman who gives birth at home because she waited too long, thinking it was false labor yet again. Seriously, though, in all likelihood, y'all will stop reading about my labor pains and just wait for picture evidence that a baby has been born. Which, at the latest, will be April 9th. Countdown!

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Katie said...

Oh no. You poor thing! This is SO SUCKY!!!

Here is what I would say...if you have to ask yourself, "Should I go in? Should I call?" then you probably aren't in labor.

But, wow. You definitely don't want to be the one who is having a baby accidently at home because she was too afraid to call!

Also, isn't this stuff FREE? If so, I say keep going in whenever. If you have to pay, then maybe not so much.

Wow. I'm helpful. I feel for you. Hang in there and do try to relax, because no matter how much you do now, by the time you come home from the hospital with that baby, it will all be undone anyway. For the next 6 months. So I stay start embracing the squalor now. I also started Becca on nonstop TV watching at the end of my pregnancy. Just to keep her from being too used to being entertained by me. I'm such an awesome parent.