Monday, March 23, 2009

Sooner than expected

I had my weekly OB appointment this morning (child-free, due to Tim flying tonight!), and after my doctor told me that he was glad I went to the hospital last week ("you are in what I call 'latent labor', meaning that you're having contractions without actually progressing towards actual delivery" ??), he mentioned that he'd like to move my induction date up.

I immediately sat up straighter and my eyes brightened. Earlier? His concern: he will be gone during the window he would really like to induce me (April 4-8), and is thinking that if I don't have the baby before he leaves, I will have it while he's gone. [Thoughts of crazy Dr. Kuni running through my mind here...] His solution: induce me next Friday, April 3rd.

I'm torn! The thought of delivering next week is causing me great excitement and anxiety.

  • One less week of being pregnant! Everyone by now is fully aware how much I dislike the last few weeks of pregnancy.
  • A planned date and time that I am more likely to make it to; less worrying about going into labor at 2am on Monday, having to call our neighbor at such an ungodly hour.
  • Having Sheila here the 2nd week of the baby's birth, which if I remember correctly, can be more challenging than the first week when the baby may (or may not) sleep a lot.
  • One less week of maternity pants! I know you're thinking, "Wow, that's a big one, Jen," but I hate maternity pants. This is a serious pro for me.
  • One less week of being pregnant! Did I already mention that?


  • Sheila won't arrive until April 8th, so we still need to find childcare for the girls.
  • Will being induced a week earlier make labor more difficult?
  • I'll be 38 weeks, which is full-term, but the baby will have one less week in the womb. Of course, Kate was born at 37 1/2 weeks and was just fine.

In any case, I have an appointment next Tuesday to determine if he will move my induction date forward.


Katie said...

Latent labor. Wow. I have never heard of that. It sounds SUCKY with a capital SUCK.

I would be torn too. You were induced with Claire, right? And it went fine? What week was that?

Jen said...

I think 'latent labor' is just a nice term for false labor.

I was induced with Claire, and it was GREAT. Loved it. But I was induced about 5 or 6 days early, I think.

Carrie said...

Can't wait to hear what will happen. Can definitely see the pros and cons right along with ya! Will be praying for wisdom for you and the doctor!

Elizabeth said...

One week! AYE!!!!