Friday, August 28, 2009

Weight of the world: lifted!

Aaaaah. That's me, exhaling, and feeling slightly giddy with the prospect of the girls both being on the same school schedule starting on Monday. [!!!!!] You guys are awesome. I had myself convinced, before I read the comments, that the Tuesday/Thursday morning classes were the only ones we could possibly do, but lo! Y'all changed my mind. And I thank you for it. You were, of course, right - three days a week is Much Better than two days a week. Now all I need is to find a decent (single!) jogging stroller. And a job to pay for it and the two young children in private pre-school. Seriously. Why are there no mother's-day-out programs in Las Vegas? Anyway, I am smiling for the first time in a week now that I know I don't have to drive to school every single day next week.

Kate was not amused by our decision to go to a teppanyaki restaurant instead of our local sushi bar last weekend. She heard us mention the term "Japanese food" and she was in heaven thinking of all the edamame she and Claire would soon be flinging at each other. Instead, she got a splattering of hot oil on her chest (luckily only a drop or two, but still), and was freaked out by the fiery onion volcano. Next time we'll stick closer to home. At least the girls enjoyed using their chopsticks; Claire is pretty darned good at using them, too.

Luke at nearly 5 months. I can't get enough of this guy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


What was I thinking? The girls started school last week, and life is crazier as a result. Isn't school, at this age, supposed to ease my stress levels a bit? The problem is that they each go to school on different days, at different times. And although it's been just over a week, I am going [sing-song] cuck-oooo!

There are other options, but I am unsure which will be best. All involve switching Kate out of her class, a class where she knows a bunch of kids, and I have a high level of guilt over this. But I am telling myself that it will be for the better for EVERYONE if I am less stressed out every day. [This is where Tim will nod vigorously.]

So, please help me, dear readers. Claire is currently in the Tuesday/Thursday a.m. class, and Kate is in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday p.m. class. The options:

  • both girls in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday a.m. classes
  • both girls in the Tuesday/Thursday a.m. classes (means not switching Claire around at all, which I am actually not that concerned about, because I'm not a huge fan of her class at present)
  • both girls in the Tuesday/Thursday p.m. classes


  • Morning classes would allow me to just throw on my running gear and go for a run with Luke (note to self: must get crap stroller fixed) before getting ready for the day. Of course, I could do this for the p.m. classes, too, when the weather cools down...
  • I am generally more productive in the mornings, and therefore morning classes would allow me to increase my a.m. productivity as I would only have one child with me on some days.
  • Tues/Thurs classes are a better value: when there is a holiday, it is usually on a Monday or a Friday, and you get charged for the whole month, regardless of whether there is class or not. Also, family days for the Air Force are usually on Mondays and Fridays, so the girls would be less likely to miss out on them, or we wouldn't have to have them play hookie.
  • Three days a week sounds really, really nice right about now.
  • Afternoon classes are easier all around for scheduling.
  • Morning classes allow Claire to have her nap in the afternoon.
  • Tim can occasionally drop the girls off for morning classes; not so for afternoon ones.


  • Morning classes are hectic for drop-off and pick-up. School starts at 8:30, so we need to be out the door by about 8:15, and it ends at lunchtime. This means that by the time we get home, they are starving, but I usually have not yet made lunch. I could probably get into a schedule of making lunch before I pick them up and this would help on the pick-up end of things.
  • Afternoon classes mean no nap for either girl, and Claire still really needs one. She will rally through the afternoon if inspired, so if I do put her in the p.m. class, she won't fall asleep while there. She might, however, be grumpy.
  • Tues/Thurs mornings will cause us to miss out on the playgroup we are part of on Thursday mornings. This group is fun, with seasonal parties, and I would hate to have the girls miss out on such things.
  • The Mon/Wed/Fri class adds to the already outrageously expensive bill from the pre-school.
  • When Tim is on nights (granted, this doesn't happen that often), he pretty much misses out on time with the girls that day if they are in the a.m. class.

I am totally stuck. I keep thinking: "Oh! Yes, that's the one we'll sign up for!" And then I think of a reason that it won't be so great. All I know is, something has to change, or I will have completely lost my mind by the time fall comes around.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8 years

Happy Anniversary, Tim! As a certain card says, "Once upon a time...happily ever after."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is Kate's first day of pre-kindergarten. She waffled between being super excited about going and whining about not wanting to attend school this year. Once we arrived, she was giddy.

Reese, Claire and Kate. Claire starts school tomorrow.

Wasting time is so much fun

I've been playing with some old photos...
Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong skyline.

Great Wall.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Days of Our Lives

It's been a lot less soap-opera-esque here than the title suggests, but it's kinda catchy, no?

The weekend was full of peeing on floors, bribery involving M&Ms, painting with acrylics (thanks to Elizabeth for the suggestion), and some swimming.

All my children enjoying some cartoons.

If this kangaroo punches me again, I'll hit him back.

Also, I ran a whole 7.7 miles last week. Sixteen weeks and counting until my first half-marathon.

And, today Claire told me approximately 24 times that she had to pee on the potty. She might actually gain weight from all the M&Ms she's getting. She refuses to poo on the potty, but it's all in good time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shopping trip success!

I know it probably sounds like a simple thing: going to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping. Add triple digit temperatures, and three children under the age of four, however, and voila! Potential craziness. But! We survived. No major incidents, no diaper malfunctions, no hysterical crying. There was even a lady we were following (so her children said) who used my children as an example for hers on how to behave! I had to wear Luke in the bjorn, and put the girls in the airplane cart. They didn't even fight much, which is more than I can say for most afternoons around here lately.

Luke is super crabby today; he has a cold and I don't know what all hurts him, but know he is sick because the rest of us have had it and his nose is runny. He slept for 12 hours last night, though, so maybe that will help him get over it soon. Last night was the first night that I didn't wake him up between 10-11pm to feed him one last time. I fed him at 8pm, and he didn't wake up until after 8am this morning.

He hates rice cereal. I have only given it to him about 3 times, but he purses his lips in a surprisingly effective effort to keep the spoon out of his mouth, and spits out most of what I get in there.

We are struggling with potty training. Claire starts school next week and is supposed to be potty-trained before she attends pre-school. Last week I took her to Target so she could pick out her own potty treats (she chose M&Ms and Midnight Milky Way bars), and she peed twice that day on the toilet! Since then: fail. She doesn't even want to try. And when you tell her she has to pee on the toilet at school she will tell you that she doesn't want to go. Tim put her in undies last night when he got home, and I think she peed in 2 pairs before bed. I keep waiting for time when we have less going on so that I can stay on top of the situation and put her on the toilet every 30 minutes, but that time never seems to happen.

Kate is 40% to a prize. I promised her a new toy when she could stay dry for 10 nights (not consecutive). I wish I knew how to help her over this hurdle. I know she is capable of staying dry, but it happens so rarely.

Running is going so slowly. I hyper-extended my knee slightly when Tim's family was here, and it still hurts. But it only hurts when I'm walking or standing - running doesn't seem to bother it. Running does bother my lungs, though - it is taking me a longer time than ever before to get back into shape. I am now up to 2 miles, and am hopeful that this weekend my "long run" will be closer to 3 miles than to two.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stats and cereal

Luke is already 4 months old. FOUR MONTHS. Wasn't he just born? I do not know how time is passing so quickly, but I would like for it to slow down a little. Except for the witching hours - those can speed up any time now.

At his well-baby check, we learned that he is heavy. And tall. Specifically, he weighs 18lbs 3oz (95%), and is 26" (75-90%). His noggin is proportionate to his height, at 43cm (75%). The good doctor recommended we start on some rice cereal, which I was all too happy to comply with after Luke started waking up in the middle of the night again last week and consuming an additional meal. Today we had some rice cereal. We didn't care too much for it.

Dropped off the face of the blogosphere

Tim got back two weeks ago, and we've been non-stop busy ever since. He was home for about 24 hours before the Oregon contingent of his family showed up (a surprise to him) for his 40th birthday.

Bekah holds Luke.

Our first family trip to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. It was 110* outside, but we took the obligatory photos and then moved on to the Bellagio.

Tim's birthday celebration (and Buji's and Tom's, for that matter) started at Battista's for dinner.

And ended at Mandalay Bay's Foundation Room.

Then there was the surprise birthday party the next afternoon...

Tim held up well through all the surprises, especially given the fact that he had four flights in a row the week after he got back, one of which was a checkride. Thanks to all who came to the party, to the 12 family members who drove 20 hours each way in a crowded 15-passenger van, and Happy 40th Birthday, Tim!