Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The best part about living in Las Vegas

The visitors! In the past week, we've had more friends and family visit us than anywhere else we have ever lived. My sister and her daughters were here for ten days, Tim's aunt and uncle stopped by overnight on their way back to Oregon last week, his Uncle Bob was here for dinner tonight, and my friend Dana is here from Tucson (I haven't even had a chance to see her yet, we've been so busy!). My friend Kristen will also be here in about ten days for a conference. Life is good.

Uncle Bob and the girls in front of his truck. He's headed back to Portland tomorrow, but we enjoyed dinner with him tonight while he had some free time.

Very exciting.

This is the BEST!


Anonymous said...

It's dark out, and noone's wearing a big, down coat. Are those flip flops on Kate's feet? You live in paradise.

Carrie said...

Wish we could join your list of visitors! Maybe some day! Miss you and love you!

Elizabeth said...

I think Uncle Bob is my favorite family member. He needs to have his own blog.

Jen said...

Niki - I know. Totally. Both girls had flip flops on.

Carrie - you are always welcome!

Elizabeth - I know, right? I'm sure you just made his day. =)