Saturday, December 01, 2007


"Go Beavers!"

"Go Ducks!"

"No, go Beavers!"

(*gleefully*) "Go Ducks!"

Today is Civil War, the game between the Oregon State Beavers (Tim's alma mater) and the Oregon Ducks (the evil green and yellow team of the Pac-10; also, Tim's father's alma mater). Currently the score is tied, although the refs made a terrible call last quarter that denied the Beavers a touchdown.

Kate usually gets to watch Dora after her nap, but on Saturdays during football season, we start the day with them so that we get the TV in the afternoon. College football: it takes precedence over most things in this house. Anyway, Kate is sitting in the living room with her sister and her father, eating graham crackers and cheering on the...Ducks. Tim at one point explained that the Beavers were playing the Ducks today, and Kate thought it would be nice to root on the losing team. It's very endearing.

Also, Claire has a horrible cold, and has lost most of her voice like I have. It is the most pathetic thing I think I have ever heard: a hoarse baby crying. So, so sad.


Andrea & Ben said...

What a game!!!

Tim said...

When I woke Kate up this morning she pointed at my Sweatshirt with a quizzical look on her face. I said "Its a Beaver... Go Beavers!" and she looked at me for a minute thinking "there must be something else I should be saying now...". But alas, all traces of last nights "Go Ducks" battle had faded from memory and, after taking waaaay too long to reply she came back with "Go Beavers!... Watch more football?"

That's my girl.
---Proud Beaver Dad

Elizabeth said...

Talk about brainwashing! GO BEARS!

Jen said...

Bears? BEARS? Bah! We beat the bears this year. Go Dawgs!

dad said...

uh... Go Blue?

Katie said...

Go 'Horns!