Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!

Last night the ladybug was shy and unsure about saying "trick or treat". This morning there was a glorious transformation, like caterpillar to butterfly: she ran around the house, madly screaming her new favorite phrase. She scrambled to find her ladybug costume, and donned it for breakfast, all the while begging for her treat bag that was on top of the TV armoire in the living room. I let her put her lunch in the treat bag when she went to school, and suddenly she was all set to go - I've never seen her so ready. It's a good thing there's a short transition between Halloween and Christmas, and that she'll get lots of practice with Santa Clauses so that by the time Christmas actually arrives, she should be accepting of jolly ol' Saint Nick.


Katie said...

That's hilarious! Becca totally forgot all about Halloween by this morning! (Thank god because I need her candy!)

I bet you'll have a great Christmas this year!

Dinah said...

The children's costumes were absolutely adorable! I dare say they are the cutest ladybugs I've ever seen!