Thursday, November 08, 2007


I get some weird hits from Google. My favorites:

  • *lots* of warthog stuff (warthog ice (?), warthog suit, cute warthog (again, ?), baby warthog)
  • no slugs fighter pilot
  • how to get your toddler to clean up her toys
  • secret mommy crush
  • something to do with belgian waffles
  • JC Penny's kids photos in Tucson
  • same for the Picture People
  • osan ab pool swim lessons 2007
  • Dora cake (query from someone in Turkey, no less!)
  • phan thiet plane landing
  • and, perhaps my favorite, is Giada deLaurentis pregnant?

I got so many hits for this last one several months ago, that I was certain she was indeed with child. I should have broke the news on my own blog. Just kidding, Giada; your secret was safe with me.


Andrea & Ben said...

Wait, you see when your blog comes up on a google search? I am curious.

Katie said...

Did you ever even WRITE about Giada? (Who, FYI BUGS THE EVERLOVING CRAP OUT OF ME!) It is her voice. I cannot STAND her voice. And her attitude. Ugh.

Jen said...

Katie - no, I didn't. It was just that I was pregnant and I linked to one of her recipes once. Her marinara sauce is yummy.