Sunday, November 25, 2007


Turkey leg!

Us, that is. We have had 3 Thanksgiving dinners in as many days, and we are full! It's wonderful. My favorites: turkey, stuffing, carrot souffle, and Mike's habanero mashed potatoes. Wooo-eeee, those are hot. And tasty. Also, damn if Shayne didn't find a Thanksgiving dessert I like: French silk pie. What? That's not a traditional dessert?

We had our family Thanksgiving dinner on Friday afternoon, with family in from San Diego and LA, and friends who just moved to town. Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of fun. Kate had a blast playing with Reagan and Chase, and has been asking for them to come over again for the past two days now.

Kate & Reagan enjoy a nice turkey dinner.

Right after everyone left, Claire got the flu. It hit me about 6 hours later. It wasn't any fun, but it ended quickly, and I was even coherent enough to watch my Huskies lose the Apple Cup. That didn't make me feel any better.

Now we're in the process of teaching Kate about Christmas, and in particular the Polar Express. We are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon in 10 days for our ride on the train, and hope that it will be a blast.

Many thanks to all who drove in from California for the weekend. And many, many thanks to Tim who was Mr. Mom for me yesterday while I slept all day long.

Happy Holidays!


Andrea & Ben said...

6 people who were at a party with us got the flu too (including Ben, excluding me), this is wierd.

Katie said...

I'm with you on the desserts! I didn't eat a single dessert all Thanksgiving. I just don't really care about them!

I'm sorry you had the flu. That must have sucked!

What is this train at the Grand Canyon?

Jen said...

The Polar Express! I don't know much about it - we haven't been yet - but it sounds awesome. Dinner on the train, Santa and presents after dinner, a night in an old hotel. I hope it's fun.