Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh, dear.

According to babycenter, Kate is likely to be 5'11" at age 18. Almost 6 feet tall! Are you kidding me? Tim and I are both average height, but she is off the chart, and has been for a long time.

Also, I might need some advice. Claire is not going to sleep easily at night. It is particularly noticeable on night weeks, when I have to listen to her cry and/or whine for an hour, sometimes more, before she calms down and drifts off. At first I thought I was missing my window, but now I think maybe she's hungry? But she won't take a bottle, and there is only so much I can offer her. This fact also poses a problem when we want to go out for dinner, say, before 7:30pm. Which we will be doing tomorrow night. My babysitter is great, but I feel bad making him (and usually his mom who comes over to troubleshoot) deal with her angst for hours on end. I have tried many times to give her formula, out of a bottle and out of a sippy cup, and she makes a face worthy of pictures, which I never am able to snap in time to catch her full displeasure. Ideas?


Katie said...

What DOES she eat these days? Just give her some more of THAT! Is she teething yet? Maybe some Motrin (god, I give that stuff out every other minute around here!)

Also? The babysitter won't care about the whining and crying to the extent you do. Really. Tuning out other peoples' children isn't hard! T

Andrea & Ben said...

No way, there is no way she could be that tall and be your child, that would be crazy!!! Can you imagine if it is actually acurate!?
I have nothing on the food, sorry :0)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katie about the babysitters not caring as much as we do. When we go out I let Emiliana nurse for way longer than normally. My goal before we leave (6:30 to make a 7:00 dinner date) is for her to practically push me away. Also, drinking more water than I normally do in the afternoon I feel ups my supply. There's also a tea I drink from WO or Sunflower called "Mother's Milk" the company that makes it is Traditional Medicinals. That is also suppose to up the supply. I think there is also an herbal suppliment called Fenegreek(sp?)that comes in capsual form that ups the supply. Hmmm what else... do you pump? Would she take a bottle/sippy cup of breast milk? Goodtimes, Camille

Elizabeth said...

How does Kate sleep when Claire is making all that racket?

Jen said...

Katie - she eats just about all foods that are baby-approved, including magnets, apparently. She is teething, which is a huge part of the problem, I think. And maybe she's going through a growth spurt. I don't know. Good point about the sitter. You're probably right.

Camille - good tips. Thanks! It's at the beginning of her growth spurts that I have a problem, so I like the idea of more hydration for me.

Elizabeth - Yeah. Not so much sleep for Kate when Claire's going crazy like that. But sometimes I am amazed to find her sleeping soundly through everything. Huh.