Monday, November 19, 2007

Iron supplements

Maybe we should rethink what we are feeding Claire. Yesterday evening she was playing on the kitchen floor while I made dinner. She seemed to be chewing on something, but she wouldn't let me in her mouth to find out what it was. We started dinner. She shoveled a few handfuls of food in her mouth and then she started gagging. Out came dinner and something small and black. A magnet. Yay! Another parent of the year award for me.

Kate has a few new sayings. Her current favorites, which are used All The Time:

  • how 'bout (how 'bout cookie? how 'bout Dora? how 'bout ice cream cone?)
  • might be in ... (timeout, the box, the kitchen, my bed, etc)
  • good idea (how 'bout cookie, Mommy? good idea - she usually answers her own questions. Is that a bad sign?)

This morning I babysat Tempie, my sister's 6-month-old. It is now 1pm and I just unloaded the dishwasher, I have not yet showered or gotten dressed, the living room is a Disaster, and all I want to do is take a nap. I didn't mind babysitting, it just gave me firsthand insight into how crazy a household with 3 little ones would be.

Now, for that nap.


Elizabeth said...

Wait . . . do you shower and dress by 1pm on a regular basis? Wow.

Andrea & Ben said...

I hope you really got a nap!

Dinah said...

Glad I'm not the only one. When my grandchildren are over (3yr, 2yr, 3mo) the only direction any movement occurs is toward anarchy. Thought I was just a wimpy gramma. Now that I think of it, not sure I recall if my daughter being dressed and showered when they arrived... :)

Jen said...

Elizabeth - well, most of the time. It depends on Tim's schedule a lot. It's so much easier to do when he's around. If he's not, which is usually the case, I put Kate in the pack n play in the den in front of the computer and let something from noggin run. Claire goes in her crib for her nap. I fear for the day Kate is able to sneak out of the PNP and unlock the front door so she can go play in traffic while I enjoy my quick soak.

Andrea - a nap: 10 minutes or so. Hey, it was a nap!

Dinah - ha! Anarchy. That's a pretty good description.

Carrie said...

Try 4 children with a husband who's always traveling and then give yourself back problems and it will be obvious why I'm often in pajamas all day and showers are not a daily occurrence. However, all the baby commercials are right and they don't stay little... I can't believe Isaac's already over 7 1/s months and Noah just turned 2!

Carrie said...

PS Happy Birthday!