Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kate's Dilla

Do I get some, too?

Aah, the confusing life of toddlers. We have had bean and cheese quesadillas for lunch for the past couple of days, and Kate has been trying to say 'quesadilla'. But she thinks I'm saying "Kate's dilla", so she points at my plate and says, "Mommy dilla" and points at her own plate and says, "Kate dilla". Adorable.

Kate's dilla.

And that about sums up our excitement for the past few days. Which is really kind of nice, actually. I'm going to go enjoy the unexcitement right now and maybe read a book that doesn't have pictures.


Elizabeth said...

Did you MAKE that bib Kate's wearing yourself? If so, I am completely impressed. It is so big! I am jealous!

Katie said...

That is SO cute! I love baby stories like that!

Jen said...

No way, Elizabeth! Target, baby. Target.

Andrea & Ben said...

That is precious! Definitely a story for the scrapbook :0)