Thursday, October 01, 2009

Within 10 miles of home

Windy Spice met up with Doesn't Want To Get Dirty Spice and went in search of the Great Pumpkin this morning. It's a smaller farm than the one we visited several times in Arizona, but it's waaaaay closer.

Someone is afraid to get her shoes dirty. Sadly, this attitude did not carry all the way to the car, and Clean Spice peed in her newly washed car seat on the way home. Never fails.

Sittin' on a pumpkin chair. We learned about rotting pumpkins today, and why we don't want to take them home with us. Also complained about the wind, and how she was cold. In her defense, it was only in the 60s. And her mother might have forgotten to bring coats for the children.

The boy one sat quietly and played with his toys.

Might be okra? They were huge. Kate tried to smell them and was disappointed by their lack of fragrance.


At the end, Kate and I went in search of eggplant, and she asked, "Mommy, where are the eggs?" I think she thought it was Halloween and Easter. I showed her a small purple plant, and she looked adorably confused. Also, someone might have gotten a little over-zealous with the produce and purchased a rather large eggplant. What would you recommend I do with it?


Katie said...

The boy one. Love that phrase!

Elizabeth said...

Seems funny in hindsight. And I am impressed that you already visited the pumpkin patch on the very first day of October.

Elizabeth said...

The only way that I have ever enjoyed eggplant is eggplant parmesan, diced in a Thai curry, and in that Cafe a la Carte sandwich at the Tucson Museum of Art. The sandwich recipe grilled it and topped it with caramelized onions and more pesto than you could shake a stick at.

Elizabeth said...

Proving (once again) my obsessive tendencies, I pulled up the menu description for that grlled eggplant sandwich (and OMG! I am C-R-A-Z-Y!). Now I can't stop thinking about it: "Slices of Grilled Eggplant with Roma Tomato, Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions, Basil Pesto, and Chipotle Aioli on Freshly Baked Focaccia"

Andrea and Ben said...

I love doing stuff like this!! Well done mama!