Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trying not to freak out

Last night, my babysitters' mom called me. Her two daughters, who babysat my children twice last week, have the swine flu. Kate was feverish and zombie-like all day on Thursday, but then made a miraculous comeback on Friday. All Luke wants to do is sleep. Claire is also acting out of sorts. There's no way for us to know without getting tested, but I'm guessing we're all infected. Luckily my rock, and the most mentally-stable member of the family, returned home on Thursday afternoon, so I have reinforcements. If you are trying to reach me and are unable to do so, it's probably because I'm at Target buying out their stash of Purell and Tylenol.

Oh, I almost forgot. Luke's 6mo stats: 19lbs 15oz (the size of an 11mo old), and 26 3/4". Hopefully his chub can carry him through this.


Elizabeth said...

OH NO! OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!!!!! Praying for you guys! So glad Tim is home (although I suspect you are slightly more mentally stable than he is when all things are equal).

Katie said...

If it makes you feel any better, swine flu is rampant here and so far I have HEARD it is mild...just like another virus. So, I hope it isn't anything too serious and that everyone gets over it quickly.

I have resigned myself to the fact that we will all get it. So, I'm done freaking out (sort of...)

Keep us posted!

Also, Andrew is only 21 pounds and 29 inches. Our kids are practically the same size!

Anonymous said...

It's all over OSU right now. Have had lots of students out with swine flu. Of course, I'm teaching a computer class this term - touching everyone's filthy keyboard and mouse... Had to give up a 3 day trip down the Rogue this weekend to stay home with my flu. :( On the up side, I haven't been hit hard, and haven't had any students report anything more than a fairly brief flu.
Hope you guys don't get hit to hard. Glad to hear that Tim's back just in time to help out! Welcome back, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Same up here. Kids in Leah's class have already had it and were only down for a couple of days. We were planning on skipping the vaccine, but because of her asthma her doctor has advised her getting it as soon as they get some. I am trying not to freak out. Knowing that she has already been exposed a couple of times and it hasn't attacked her has helped keep me calm. Good luck!