Monday, January 28, 2008

Our vacation in Kentucky

McLaren (12mo) and Isaac (10mo).

Noah, 2 years.

Tim's brother and his family live in northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, and that's where we headed after our short visit with Grandma Lorraine. We arrived in time (okay, late) for dinner and spent the next 2 days with them. Kate and Claire had so much fun, and really enjoyed playing with their cousins, the younger two who are just two months younger each than Kate and Claire. Kate also loved playing with Ms Kenzie, as she called her, and she learned to climb stairs really well while at their house. She got to ride in their battery-powered Jeep , which I'm sure will be on the Christmas wish-list this year. Claire spent most of her time stealing toys from Isaac, and climbing on the children's sofa (one of which we decided to get her for her birthday since she liked it so much). Carrie and I got to go to Graeter's ice cream (I know, in the winter? But it was SO good), and spent time catching up. Tim got to talk with his younger brother, James, more than he's gotten to in years, and we all had a great time. We even got to go to church with the whole family, although Kate was so distressed about going into the nursery that Tim stayed with her the entire time, and Claire cried herself to sleep on someone in the baby nursery. The trip was too short, but we had to head up to Ann Arbor for the last portion of our visit. I'll post about that tomorrow. Thank you, James and Carrie, for having us stay with you! We miss you!
Kate rides a horse for the first time.
Mykenzie (7) and McLaren.
Jacob (obviously just turning 5).
McLaren's first taste of birthday cake. (She liked it.)

Birthday present from her cousins.


Carrie said...

Please share all the pictures you took as soon as you can and I'll send off my disk to you in the near future. Sorry we missed the real birthday party, but we're so glad we got to have our own little one with you all! Love you and miss you, Carrie

Katie said...

It looks like a GREAT time!