Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yay, Grampa's here!

Well, not yet he isn't. But he's on his way from fire-ravaged San Diego to hang out with our rowdy bunch for the weekend. Tomorrow morning when Kate sees him, she'll say, "Yay! Grampa's here!" After she gets over her initial fright at having a stranger in the house, that is. She's a little shy at first, but warms up to people in short time.

An update on my father's situation, for those of you following at home: none of his stuff was destroyed. There was some question about his office for awhile, but that is fine as well. There's a lot of dust/ash/soot on his deck, but other than that he's good. We're all very thankful.

Kate starts soccer on Saturday. I know. Soccer for 2-year-olds. Ha! Should be entertaining. She'll get to wear her tenny-boots (her term) and run around with other kids her age, so it should be a swell time. Also, since she's off the chart height-wise, she'll probably be able to just hit the other kids and steal the ball away if she is unable to use her fancy soccer skills to do so.


Update: bummer. Grampa can't come visit afterall. They're opening up his office on Saturday to make up the fire days. Until Thanksgiving, then, dad!


Andrea & Ben said...

Boo, grandpa visits are so fun. Too bad.

On the soccer note, we call it kick and chase when the kids are under 8. They kick the ball and the gaggle chases it down the field. Fun!!! Get your cheers on :0)

Anonymous said...

We did soccer over the summer and the brilliant coach Doug has like 2 balls for every kid and they all look the same so there is no, "it's mine" - brilllliant:-) Camille

Jen said...

Yay for Doug! Smart man.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well with your Dad and his home! Scary stuff!!!

We call it "bunch ball" because all the kids go where the ball is no matter what "position" they play. It is so cute!!! Enjoy it!!!


Katie said...

I'm glad Grampa's house and office are okay...too bad he can't come visit you, though!

I cannot believe they have soccer for 2 year olds. God. I'm such a slacker mom. We don't do anything like that.