Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Belgium has won

I bought my waffle iron a decade ago at a garage sale. It was brand new, and it cost $5. Over the past year, the griddles have started to become sticky, and I cannot get the stick off. And even though I add oil to the batter and/or the griddle itself, the first waffle (and sometimes more) sticks to the iron, and I end up with this:

Little bits of waffle, scraped off the pan in tiny chunks. The waffles still taste fine, but they don't have that nice square, in-one-piece appearance that most people prefer. Yesterday I made waffles and Every! Single! One! of those damned things stuck to the griddle. I have put off buying a new waffle iron mostly because I am cheap, and also because the majority of waffle irons in stores today are of the Belgian sort. Big squares. I don't really want Big Squares. I want normal, tiny-squared, in-one-piece waffles. So I am here to announce that Belgium has won, and I will be purchasing a new waffle iron. Pllllllb.

On the topic of Halloween. Is this not the cutest? Foot ghosts! Love.

Also: it is no longer fall. I was wrong. It was a temporary nip that was in the air. Today it will be 95*, and there is enough humidity that the swamp cooler isn't working. On the up side, it is mid-October and we are still swimming in the pool.


Katie said...

We have a little waffle maker...I want the Belgium kind. Want to trade? I'm so surprised you can't find the other kind--try Ebay! :)

I love the foot ghosts. Was that your idea? Dipping feet in paint? You're a stronger woman than I.

amie said...

I know what you mean about littel squares and big squares. My grandma's waffle iron was the little squares kind and I loved them; they hold more syrup. :)

I have the big Belgium kind and they're good, but they're no grandma's!

Too bad you can't buy teflon spray in a can. You could just teflon over the top of the sticky stuff and be good as new. :)

Andrea & Ben said...

Seriously, we had the house completely open and it was 10* below normal. Now we are 10 above, come on now. I am soooooo ready!!!

Dinah said...

So... do you have something against Eggo's?? :) OK, I'm a kitchen wimp, I guess. I don't think I've EVER made homemade waffles!

We had a heatwave here in Michigan as well - and it is over. Fall is an absolutely wonderful time of year. Nature winds down for a rest, and I gear up for productivity! (But I still don't make homemade waffles...)

Elizabeth said...

I was so jealous for a minute of your weather. I love fall, too. Especially cold(er) weather and pumpkin coffee anything (a local shop here has a pumpkin pie mocha!!!).

Jen said...

Who said anything about homemade? ;-) Bisquick and Krusteaz are my friends, and I visit with them at least once a week.

I did get a new waffle iron, but I haven't tried it out yet!

This weekend should cool us down again - 95* today, 85* tomorrow. I should be able to open up all the windows, pour some pumpkin cream in my coffee, and pretend I'm somewhere that has a true fall.

Dinah said...

Thank you for the Bisquick confession, I feel much better :)
PUMPKIN CREAM??? sounds like a naughty delight I've yet to discover... Last night I was treated to a Pumpkin Pie Chai. YUMMMMM. Yet another thing to love about Fall... Plus the temps last night were in the 50's, this morn probably high 30's, and the air has the aroma of autumn leaves. Spectacular! I'll start getting fall color photos for my blog! But the colors are less intense this year becuase we had such a dry (blue sky perfection) summer. Ya just can't have it all...