Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random stuff, and stealing from other bloggers

I had a nice pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks this morning, and am feeling on top of the world. It's amazing how a nice cup of joe can do that for you, isn't it?

So apparently today is National De-Lurking Day (thank you, Katie, for letting us know about this important day of tribute! No lurking on this blog! If you visit, leave a comment!). The things people come up with... But she got some fun comments as a result of her post, so I'm going to steal borrow her idea, in hopes that if you are visiting you will leave a comment. She asked her readers where they would live, if they could choose just one place. Money was no factor, of course! I couldn't answer her question without listing several places I would find ideal, but I s'pose I could narrow it down to 3:
  1. Boise, Idaho
  2. Seattle, Washington
  3. Queenstown, New Zealand

I love all three places, and hope that some day we will be so lucky as to live in one! I am pretty sure that Tim feels the same way about these cities, so at least I have that going for me. I especially would like 4 distinct seasons, mountains, and water close by. Good weather would be nice, but as you can see by numbers 2 and 3 above, that is not necessarily a deciding factor.

Now, on to my own question. What is your great love of the moment? What thing have you just now discovered and you can't live without it, or what thing is on your TRULUV4EVA list even though it's so last year? As usual, I cannot come up with just one thing. Damn. So here's my list:

  • Johnson & Johnson's Vapor Bath for Babies (thank you, Carrie!)

  • my loaner car for the day: an Acura MDX, brand new. The steering wheel moves away from me when I turn the engine off, to allow me more room to get out. There is even one of those cameras that allow you to see behind you when you're in reverse. And it has that new car smell, which is So Different from that 2 carseats in the back/stale cheerios/is there spilt milk somewhere in here? smell. All I want to do is zip around town with the music turned up and the sunroof open. But I have no carseats, so I will be staying home, glancing forlornly at my vehicle that will turn back into a pumpkin tonight at 5pm.

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks!

  • Flat Earth chips:

  • Razzberry M&Ms

  • Naps. I never get them, but I am so in love with them.

  • Syrah. Love.


Dinah said...

How fun that I randomly visited your blog, only to discover it is de-lurking day... so I now feel compelled to comment...

The current obsession, my great love of the moment... that I believe I cannot live without (and know I've managed to for 30 years and will probably survive should my wish not be granted...) is a sailboat! I grew up sailing and the passion has been re-awakened. BTW - - I'm with you on the mountains... seasons... water... hopefully someday...


amie said...
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amie said...

I had to search for what de-lurking was. lol

As for places to live, like Jen I can't pick just one, but I can pick two:

1. Seattle
2. Manhattan

I'm lucky enough to be living in my #1 choice, but I miss my #2 choice a lot sometimes. :( I really need to marry rich so I can afford to be bi-coastal.

What I can't live without right now? I'll have to think on this one and come back with an update. All I can think of right now is:

1. Sleep - good old 8 hour snooze-fests
2. Perpetually snow-capped mountain peaks

More to come...

P.S. How do you edit your comment posts? I always have to delete and re-post when I want to make a change. Grrrrrr

Jen said...

Amie - I don't know how to edit a comment once it's been published! Sorry I can't be of help there...

dad said...

Let's see; where do I want to live?

(1) São José dos Campos, São Paulo (live there)
(2) Campos do Jordão, São Paulo (live there)
(3) Ubatuba, São Paulo, at the beach (live there)
(4) San Diego, California (live there)

Not bad...

What do I want?
(1) Simone
(2) Simone
(3) Simone

almost forgot...
(4) Simone

Also always need: Mom, Jennifer, Jessica, Ana, Kate, Claire, Tempie, as well as Tim and Mike. What a great family!

Nossa! Tenho tudo! Graças a Deus!

Carrie said...

Well, because of your "de-lurking" comment, I'll stop and say something even though I should be in bed.
Where to live: First choice would be back in Silverton, OR with family and much closer to mountains and the ocean. I guess my second choice better be northern Kentucky (or I pray that God changes my heart) as we're building a very large concrete home here!
What I can't live without: Naps or just a good night's sleep for a few nights IN A ROW!!, but apparently I can live without it as I am! The same vapor bath and vapor cream for my sick boys. A little chocolate and caffeine in some form every day (a must without that #1 sleep!). I haven't tried anything new lately - at least that was wonderful, but I really, really want to try those raspberry m&ms!!!! I saw them, but didn't buy them. And, I also like the Flat Earth Chips (berry is yummy)! I'm off to get a portion of sleep!

Andrea & Ben said...

I am out of town and it will take some thinking on this one. I will let you know laters. love the post!!

Niki said...

Where would I live? No monetary limits? That's simple, I wouldn't, I would continually travel. No monetary limits, you said.
My great love of the moment. Easy. My new jetted tub. I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

I, just like Jen, can't pick just one. I would like to live in England during the winter and Ocean City,NJ during the summer.

As for my all time can't do without love, that is easy SLEEP!!! My 3 month old is wearing me out but in a good way!!!



Katie said...

Oh my god. I have never heard of raspberry M&Ms. This only spells disaster....

My parents have a new car and I've been driving it around while visiting and WOW. You are SO right about the smell. The smell in my car is just gross.

As for what I can't live without? Well, sleep is right up there. Sleep and Rosemary-flavored Triscuits.

Julie McCracken said... got me I will also leave a comment today!

Place to live- Seattle, but only in Laurelhurst or Windermere. Anyone not from's very $$$ and I will never in my lifetime be able to live there.

Close 2nd would be Maui... sun, rain, beach, mountains… gotta love it!

Great love at the moment- photography. I just bought a new Nikon camera and I am just having so much fun taking pictures of random thing. I’ve been told by many that I have a real eye behind the camera... maybe it is true.

I can’t live without that is so last year- my iPod. Remodeling my house…it’s the only thing that gets me through an entire day of sanding. I gotta have my Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney every day too!

I have discovered, Hawaiian Luau BBQ chips. They are a little spicy, but so good that you just have to keep torturing yourself with more!

What a great idea Jen!