Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bit of a nighmare, isn't it?

Recalls. Everyday there are recalls on toys, highchairs, car seats. Even children's clothing isn't safe. I just went through about 8 pages of babycenter's recall list, and am hopeful that we don't own anything that has excessive amounts of lead, can be taken apart by a toddler or a baby and choked on, or that can catch on fire if held under a lit match. How did our parents protect us when we were little? There was no internet to show you pages upon pages of items that were dangerous for children. Also, there were no seat belt laws. I guess we were just lucky? Are we just supposed to ban toys now?

I am not a germophobe (which isn't to say that I let my kids lick the floors, although I'm sure they have done so while I've been on the internet reading up on the latest airborne illnesses), but this latest MRSA scare has me a bit concerned. They closed down one high school here to clean it after a couple of teenagers got staph. Um, how do you clean a whole school? Books, anyone?

Deep breath.

On a different subject, I have come to realize that my girls have special abilities. Not as in Heroes-type special abilities, but interesting just the same. Claire: she is the destroyer. She can take an object, dangle it tauntingly over the side of her highchair, and drop it just as you shout noooooo! and dash in slow motion to try and save it. Almost all items end up broken, usually with a distinctive *crack* as they hit the ground. So far: a key chain that makes made several noises, a plastic plate Kate loved to eat off of, the matching cup, and various other toys. Just this morning, Kate was waiting for breakfast and started playing with those keys, and what do you know. They started working again. Crazy.


Niki said...

There's a nurse in her 70s that lives in my old neighborhood. In the days before seat belts, she used to belt her kids into her car with actual belts.

Katie said...

I don't know what to think about all these recalls. I would love to only buy toys made in the USA, but do you know how IMPOSSIBLE that is? Ugh...

And I'm totally freaking out about the MRSA thing too. EEEEEEEEEK!

amie said...

When we were young there were less toys (and everything in the world ever) outsourced to China.

You can buy only made in the USA products, but it is really difficult - and extremely expensive. But hey, a little extra cash or slight mental retardation?

MRSA - honestly, I haven't paid that much attention because it's not up this way (yet) but yeah, how do you clean *everything*?