Monday, August 13, 2007

Confessions of a 30-something drama queen

Okay, okay! I'm fine, really. I know that after that last post most of you are wondering if I am doing okay in the mental department. I'm fabulous, really. It's just hard being a mom of 2 small children sometimes, you know? Anyone? Someone back me up here. Anyway, these things make for good blog stories, and so you have to take some liberties.

Like yesterday, with Claire the Sprinkler. That's a fun story. But I promised Tim the rights to that one, so you'll have to wait.

Kate surprised me last week. We were over at Dana's and she started saying her ABCs. She does this often. But this time, she kept going. I think she made it all the way through V. Since then she has done this several times (including WXYZ nowIknowABCsingwithme), so I know it's not just a fluke. She is also counting past 10, but I'm not certain where past 10. I heard 19 once, but I can't recall if I heard all the numbers between 11 and 18 first.

Claire enjoys a nice amber ale.


Katie said...

Hey. I totally get it. John doesn't get it, but I tell him that is what BLOGGING is for. It is a way to tell those annoying stories and deal with them in some way. Being a mother is HARD. It doesn't mean it isn't good, but it is HARD. And it is okay to admit it. Healthy even, especially when humor is added--again...BLOGGING. Hello!

The pictures are hilarious!

Andrea & Ben said...

Who doesn't love beer? :0) Cute! If you cannot be dramatic on your blog, where can you?