Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Awesome. Mexico was fab-u-lous. We spent 4 days and 3 nights at the Casa Blanca resort in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco to those who think Rocky Point doesn't sound very Mexican), enjoying the sun, pool, beach, margaritas, and Mexican food. It took us about 4.5 hours to drive there from Tucson, including stops for the kids, and we arrived around dinner time on Saturday. Rocky Point is becoming quite a destination for those living in Phoenix and Tucson because it's so close, and I think we've become one of those statistics: we'll be there again (I hope) in August or September for a few more nights of beach life.

The kids did great. I'm amazed at how well Kate adjusted to sleeping in the pack 'n play in a room that was not her own. It probably helped that she didn't nap on Saturday (at all) on the way there. She was out by about 6:45pm that night and slept in until 7:30-8am the next morning. I was afraid that her lack of nap that day would cause all kinds of problems, but she was great. Claire shared a room with her (sleeping on a towel on the floor on the other side of the bed from Kate) and also slept like the proverbial baby. Woohoo! Of course, having 2 sleeping children at 7pm means you can't take walks along the beach at midnight, but let's face it, we were asleep by then anyway.

McLaren & Jen.

Kate loved the pool (it was very kid-friendly, with an area that was about 1.5' deep for her to run around in), and even enjoyed playing in the sand on the beach. She loved running about in the condo and on the deck, but didn't want to walk on the grass. She's still not sure about that stuff.

We went to dinner at La Curva on Monday night in Rocky Point, and Kate got to experience a Mariachi band, burritos, and fried ice cream. I think she was a big fan of all three.


Andrea & Ben said...

She is so cute admiring the mariachi!! Man, I am jealous and as I write planning my first trip in my head. Can't wait to hear more.

Fabi e Rafaela said...

I love yours pictures... Kate is wonderful watching "Mariachi" and McLaren's glasses is fun and she's so cute...
I change my blog adress:

kisses for all

Katie said...

Wow! I had no idea there was something that nice near you guys! That is awesome. I thought that picture of you and McLaren was you and Kate from a while back!

Elizabeth said...

That resort picture looks sooooo beautiful, and you look sooooo tan and glowing! Your success on this trip has given me hope that we, too, might someday have a non-visiting-family vacation. :)