Friday, May 18, 2007

And the Winner Is....the Kia

The Kia. That's right. I was at the mall this morning running errands while Kate & Claire enjoyed their time at the co-op, and when I went to back out of my parking spot, another girl was also backing out...and you guessed it. Bam! And not the Emeril kind of bam. It was a slight collission, really, since we were both backing out at about 1 mph, both looking for other cars and failing to see each other. But when I got out to look at my bumper, and then looked at her bumper, I realized that my Subaru lost the battle. I am in slight disbelief. My car is supposed to be so tough. It's an Outback. Rugged. All-wheel drive. And it lost a battle to a Kia. Her car didn't even have a scratch on it that I could see. We looked twice. I'm very disappointed, Subaru.

This photo makes it look worse than it is. It's only scratched, not dented. But still.

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Andrea & Ben said...

At least the kiddos weren't in the car. I hate accidents, at least it was slow speed with little damage.