Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sad exchange

This morning, when we were dropping Tim off at the airport, Kate looked at him and asked, "Daddy, does it snow in Afghanistan?" He told her it did. She looked at him sternly, and asked, "Do you have your mittens?" If he were going to be gone longer, we might have cried.

On a sillier note, she and Claire were talking the other day at lunchtime. It was a little chilly inside the house and Kate was wearing short sleeves. She turned to Claire and said, "See these dots? Those are my freakles."


Katie said...

is he going to ghanny (as we call it)? For how long?

Jen said...

Yes. We call it Fanistan. =) He'll be gone for just 3 weeks (but one of them is spring break - ugh!).