Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visiting family

I had sort of been dreading our postponed trip to Michigan. I mean, who wants to fly, outnumbered, for 4 hours cross-country? Not me, that's who. We started out okay, with Tim leading a coloring marathon with the girls, across the aisle from me and full-of-energy Luke. I fed him some Chips Ahoy cookies, and talked amiably with the girl next to me. Then, about 30 minutes into the flight, Luke started gagging. Turns out he had eaten part of the cookie wrapper while I had been distracted, and he proceeded to vomit it and the cookies. Thankfully, he's not much of a vomiter, I caught all the barf in my hand (wait, am I really thankful for that?), and my neighbor was very understanding. Me, genius mom that I am, I forgot to pack a change of clothing in my purse for anyone. Awesome.

Then, towards the end of the first flight, Claire fell asleep on Tim. Cute. Except that she peed on him, soaking her clothing and his jeans. See above note about not packing any changes of clothing for anyone in the carry-on bags. Tim was pretty pleased about that.

Once in Michigan, however, things went well. We spent 3 days with my mother and grandmother, and the kids loved seeing their grandmas. We even got to see our friend Tabitha and her daughter Natalie, whom we hadn't seen in 2 years. There was snow on the ground when we arrived, and the kids made a snow kid. Claire seemed to overcome her fear of snow, and Luke got to crawl around outside, tasting rocks.


Showing off her creation.

Claire and Great-Grandma Lorraine. Almost 90 years apart.

Dinner out with everyone, including family friend Carol.

Luke and Grandma Lorraine.


Deborah said...

Jen, I love your blog & the way you write! I'm learning so much from you and am taking notes for when we have our 3rd! :) Keep up the great posts...

Jen said...

Aw, thanks, Deborah! So, does this mean you are pregnant??

Anonymous said...

Luke is HUGE! When'd he get so big? Glad everyone got to visit grandmas!

Andrea and Ben said...

looks like a fun trip - minus the puking. it is so nice to get a snow fix once in a while!

Elizabeth said...

I think you know how I feel about your family posts. And Grandma Lorraine! Love that last pic so much!

Your plane flight was an unqualified disaster. (But did you laugh just a little when Claire peed on Tim?)