Monday, June 01, 2009

Sleeps like a baby

Except when we're out. At a party. Where we figured we'd put him and his car seat in a corner and have some drinks. During events like those, he'll scream bloody murder if you set him down, insisting that Tim hold him while pacing hallways, pausing at times to require some bouncing and rocking. This was the scene on Saturday night as we attempted to socialize at a squadron luau. Well, not this scene as pictured below, this scene as described above.

Tim was a dream, though, and allowed me to have some drinks and talk with the girls.

Meghan and me on the deck overlooking downtown. Notice my lame attempt at "tropical attire". Meghan is 36 weeks pregnant and has a good excuse; me, not so much.

Starting last week, I've been trying to get Luke to drop his 1am feeding. We've gone back and forth between him waking up at about 2:15, demanding to be fed, and him waking up at 4am like is planned. I've been giving into his demand for food at 2am because he has a cold (second one in two months; poor third child) and is a little cranky. He wakes up with "angry breathing", which is adorable although loud enough to wake me. But I think we're breaking through and mostly done with the 1-2am feeding bit. The other night I slept from 11pm until 4am straight. I haven't been that well-rested in 2 months! Heaven.


Andrea_Ben said...

1. you look great!!
2. Luke - adorable!
3. Admit that, in fact, Luke is the new king of the house and NO ONE tells the king when he will eat ;0)

Katie said...

Ummmmmm. Can I say I hate you? Just a little? He already sleeps from 11-4? What the HELL is wrong with my baby? He wakes up all the freaking time. And please, do do you get them to drop a feeding? (Actually, my kid isn't so much feeding at night as just wanting to be rocked/nursed for a few minutes). Ugh.

Also, you look amazing. Tiny already!

Jen said...

Andrea and Katie - thanks!

Katie - we use a book called 'Babywise' (by Gary Ezzo), and it's helped us get all three kids to sleep through the night (7-7) by 3-4 months old. It's mostly about scheduling feedings and helping to get them to sleep on their own. It's $5.50 on amazon right now, and although I think his writing style is difficult to read, all the kids slept well as babies and were healthy and happy. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep 2 year-olds from waking up in the middle of the night. =)

Carrie said...

You look amazing for having a 2 month old and little sleep!
We've used the same scheduling methods with all the kids, with great results, but I'm not remembering dropping a feeding that soon. Maybe just pregnant brain. Way to go! Miss you all!

Elizabeth said...

YOU LOOK FAB. And I love your shirt. And that baby is BIG.