Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy much?

I don't even know what I've been up to for the past week, but I've been busy enough that I just found my camera cable yesterday and downloaded pictures of the past two weeks' events.

We all went to Tucson last week for 3 days, as Tim had a short TDY to DM. The trip was quick (sorry to those of you we didn't get to see this time!), but fun. Somehow we survived the 431 miles each way, with three small and slightly vocal children. Let's just say that google maps says it will take a person who never has to stop for gas, food or poopy diapers approximately 7 hours and 47 minutes to drive from our house in Las Vegas to my sister's house in Arizona. Our drive there took eleven (11) (ELEVEN) hours. OMG. I'm pretty sure Tim was cursing me for most of those 11 hours, as he was skeptical that we should all go on this trip to begin with. (His thought process: I could fly to Tucson in 3 hours, on the government's dime, stay overnight without screaming children, get drunk with the guys after the conference, and then fly back home.) I coerced him into taking us. (My thought process: Tim will be gone for 2-3 days, leaving me stuck home with 3 crazy vocal children, or we could ALL endure the crazy chaos together and I could also see some good friends and my sister.)

We had a great time, staying at a nice hotel close to Jessica, and spending as much time with her and her family as possible. We also got to see Shayne and her family, and Rae and her boys.
The five cousins: Kate (3 3/4), Claire (2 1/2), Tempie (2), Lucy (6mo), and Luke (2mo).

Lounging at the pool.

Loving the pool.

Since we've been back, I have managed to unpack all of our bags, but that is about it. The house is a disaster, there is clean (and dirty!) laundry everywhere, toys in every room of the house, and my level of sanity is decreasing. I do, however, have a babysitter coming tomorrow morning for a few hours, so Luke and I can go to the dentist. Woohoo! A few hours with just one child! It's the little things.


Andrea_Ben said...

So sad we didn't see you. Boo. That little Luke is mighty precious all racked out by the pool - rough life!

Your sister's little girls are so darned cute!

Katie said...

I KNOW what you mean about one child. I thought having one child was hard. Then I had two. Now I think one child is a walk in the park. I can't imagine three. Holy hell, woman. You are amazing.

P.S. Thanks a LOT for drunk dialing me one measly hour after I got to bed after nursing a baby! I will get you back! (or not. Because I don't ever get drunk anymore. Boo me)

P.P.S. That was you urging Lysandra on, right? Or was it a different Jen?