Monday, September 24, 2007

How old are you, Kate?

Cake #1.

"I'm one, Mommy!"

"No, you're two! How old are you, Kate?"

"I'm one, Mommy!"

And so it went, back and forth, back and forth. All weekend long we tried to get Kate to tell people that she's now 2, to no avail. Unless you had cake in your hand, that is. Then she would gleefully tell you she was, in fact, two. And then she would expect a hearty "Happy Birthday!" and a bit of your cake.

We started out the festivities by going to get her 2-year-old pictures done at JC Penny's. That was probably not the best place to start, in retrospect. Kate is not fond of professional portraits, and she does not cooperate at all. We somehow managed to get a few cute shots, which I'll share in a couple of weeks when I get them back.

We got back home just in time for pizza and cake with Aunt Jessica and Daddy. I had spent part of the afternoon making her a Dora cake (see above), and she was nominally excited about it. I think she recognized it as a crude representation of her favorite thing in the whole world, and gladly ate it (it was chocolate, after all). She opened her gifts from Jess, and spent the rest of the evening pushing various objects around in it. I have no doubt that we will at some point find Claire strapped in to the chair, and Starbuck should fit nicely as well.

Stroller from Aunt Jessica.

The next day was her birthday party, which went pretty well, rain and all. I was happy to see that the stork cake turned into a duck cake with little effort on my part, and Kate only had eyes for her Dora candle anyway.

Vovo Simone spent hours decorating, and Kate could hardly believe her eyes (and good fortune) when she saw all the candies and balloons that were there in honor of her.

Her friends got her some wonderful gifts (most of them Dora-themed, of course), and she spent the weekend enjoying all of them.

Since the party, Kate has occasionally admitted she is now 2 years old, and she demands that we sing 'Happy Birthday' to her and light her Dora candle each and every time we have cake.


Andrea & Ben said...

She just looks bigger! Wild! Love the cakes, good job on the Dora, that looks pretty good. And the stork....what stork? Too funny! I will have to ask her how old she is next time I see her which will hopefully be sooner than later.

ArtCMummy said...

How cute! And a happy birthday to Miss Kate! Are you guys going to Hawgtoberfest Friday? Maybe we'll see you there!

Jen said...

We should be there! See you then =)

Anonymous said...

Max loved looking at the pictures. That's a Dora cake if I've ever seen a Dora cake! Too bad you don't have pictures of the "duck" before it underwent it's extreme makeover. Did you watch Journey Man? How was it? Camille

Jen said...

I haven't watched it yet! I recorded it last night, along with 'Chuck', and haven't even finished that yet. Tim got home late and the priority was 'Heroes'. It did not disappoint.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!

I can't believe you made that cake! I am totally impressed!

She is looking like such a big girl. I love the ponytails!

Anonymous said...

Nice cake Jen, mine never looked as good. Of course I never tried to make a Dora cake. The boys didn't seem overly impressed with girls at that age :-)
Kate is getting so grown up! But I guess it's just like a woman to deny her age unless it gets her something she wants.
We love you all & miss you terribly. Wish we could have been there.

Mom & Dad

amie said...
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amie said...

God, I've GOT to get down and visit. She is SO cute!

I remember Dora from my nanny days. Does she also love the Wiggles - those annoying gay Aussie guys you just want to punch in the face after you hear them for the 3000th time!? :)

And I can't believe you made that cake. It looks professional. Way to go mom! :)

Jen said...

Professional - HA! But thanks, Amie.

Yes, you should visit. Dora plays every afternoon at approximately 4pm, but there are no Wiggles, so you're good. Also, it's going to be 96* today, and in the 90s for at least the next week. The pool is open.