Friday, April 24, 2009


I have no time, nor do I have the mental acuity, to post more than photos at the moment. But here are a few pictures to hold you over until I have a chance to actually write something.
3 weeks old and just shy of 10lbs.

First Easter.

Very dissatisfied with something.

Held by Aunt Sheila.

The aptly named poopie suit.

Enjoying zebra cupcakes for Haddi's birthday.

At the Shark Reef last weekend.

Shoeless Claire at the Shark Reef.

Holding her baby brother.

Giving Grandma Cheri a look.


Elizabeth said...

Pictures! Yay! I *love* these. He is quite large, yes? And that one of Claire enjoying zebra cupcakes is hysterical.

Deborah said...

Luke is adorable! Love the pictures!

Andrea_Ben said...

Love the picture of Claire looking borderline insane. That sweet handsome little man is just edible!!!

Carrie said...

Yeah more pictures! I mean that both ways. Yeah we get to see more and yeah, please post more! I love dress Claire's wearing at the shark reef - adorable! Miss and love you all!