Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We're here; we survived

And that's about all I have time to say right now. The computer is in the girls' room here, and it's bedtime (very late). The trip up through California was...somewhat painful, but we made it and are glad to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

We just celebrated Tim's dad's 60th birthday tonight. Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Tim's putting Kate to bed while I type a quick note to let y'all know we are here and that I hope to write more tomorrow.

Happy 4th of July!


Andrea & Ben said...

YAY!! I am so glad you guys made it safe and sound. I am jealous of the northwest temps right now! It was 112* yesterday. Keep us posted on your month away.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you all survived the trip! I am also jealous of your weather (but not your drive!).