Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barf-o-rama 2007

I have never been vomited on so many times. Claire is suddenly intolerant of all solid foods (after finishing a whole box of rice cereal, a whole box of oatmeal cereal, containers of pears and sweet potatoes and some peas at home last month). At first I thought she didn't like the new Gerber vita blocks oatmeal. But yesterday she had a couple of bites of plain sweet potatoes, and then while we were at the mall picking up our pictures, wham-o! Or, splat-o, really. I was holding her on the tile floor of the hall outside the Picture People (I am so glad we weren't inside, as I'm sure they are as well) when she got sick. Poor kid. Somehow, even after failing to keep any solids down for the past several weeks, she still doesn't have any ankles. Just chub. Cankles. Love.

Last night we had dinner at Sheila's house. Afterwards we all took a walk to the barn next door to see the sheep. I love it here! Our "walk to the barn next door" was a trek of about 1/2 mile down the gravel road past Sheila's house. We stopped to pick wild blackberries along the way. Can it get much better than that?

Kate's favorite toys: trucks.


Katie said...

Beautiful photos! Kate looks so heavenly in that dress and with her golden halo of hair! Becca LOVES trucks too. Too funny! I hope you can get it worked out with Claire and that she is feeling better ASAP!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I heard there was a Gerber recall for its baby oatmeal and rice cereals. I don't really know the details, but maybe that's what been making her sick? I also hope she feels better soon! Not fun.

Andrea & Ben said...

I am sure she is still so chipper, even though she wasn't feeling 100%. What troopers you both are. I hope she gets to feeling good soon. I love your picture people pictures. They are adorable! Kate as always is also cute, I love she is playing with a truck while in a pink floral outfit. Cute!