Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Angel

Claire and Tim sleeping on the sofa.
Tim is fabulous. He is The Most Fabulous Person in the world. Not only did he get me See's chocolates for Valentine's Day (which I asked for; you gotta take 'em when you can get 'em and right now my metabolism is as high as it'll ever be =), he got home after flying, ate some leftover pizza (do I know how to treat my husband for Valentine's Day or what?) and told me to go to bed. I gleefully accepted, knowing that he would take care of Claire while I got some rest. He gave her a bottle before coming to bed, which allowed me probably 4-5 hours of mostly-uninterrupted sleep. Blissful. After the night before's antics, sleep was the best thing anyone could give me. Thanks for taking one for the team, Tim. My turn tonight.
As for Kate, she did much better last night. She woke up a few times sort of whimpering, but Katie is right: Motrin is the way to go when it comes to teething. So Motrin it will be, with lunch and with dinner.

Those are some granny pants.

McLaren's first trip to the zoo, 2 weeks old.

Grandma and Kate watch the elephants.


Andrea & Ben said...

You guys are so cute :0) I am sending Ben to Tim for fatherly advice when the time comes!!!

Katie said... those sleeping baby pictures. I'm glad Kate seems a bit better! YOU look AWESOME, Jen!