Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Growing and Growing

13 days old. I don't want to wake up, Mom.

Claire had her 2 week well-baby check up this morning. She's 13 days old now and weighs 8lbs 9oz, and is 21" long. That's some growing since she was born! She was 8lb 5oz and 20" then, so the doctor says she's doing just fine.
Unfortunately, she is back to sleeping most of the day and crying at night. Swaddling is no longer working for me, and I am once again tired. Last night was a tough one - she was particularly fussy and I think I was up with her more than I was in bed. I remember Kate not wanting to wake up during the day, too, but I don't remember what I did about it. Maybe that's why I was in such a fog for the first 4-6 weeks of her life.
The problem was probably that we had a tasty dinner of roast pork, potatoes and broccoli, followed by pie. Claire knew that her sister got pie, and she didn't get any. Not fair! I'm going to stay awake all night!

Pie after dinner.

Mommy put Cool Whip on my nose.


Andrea & Ben said...

Those pictures are precious! Kate is quite the character!!! Very cute :0)

Katie said...

I love the look Kate is giving you in that picture! Claire is a cute little bundle. I wish I could hold her!

I can't remember what to do about the day/night reversal thing. I think they eventually just figure it out. NOT A BIG HELP, is it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, she looks like Jamie used to look when he was little.

-Mary C.