Monday, August 30, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About Our Drive Back From Oregon?

We chose to travel home on the busiest weekend of the summer: the one right before the littles go back to school. No worries, we were only planning to stay at Lake Tahoe on a Saturday night. Tragically, I spent my 3 hours with internet service in Oregon acquiring hotel reservations for Sydney, leaving Tim to attempt camp reservations whilst still in the Middle East. Poor choice, I know.

We thought at least our first night would be an easy one: Tim had secured a spot on a LAKE! As we approached the "lake", we noticed a certain smell in the air. Sort of like that swamp smell? And then we pulled up to our "campsite" and Tim began apologizing to me, as I crinkled my nose and asked, "Are those gnats? Or is it foggy? OMG, what color is that water?" We left the children in the car for safety, and approached the owner of the "campsite" explaining that we were the ones with reservations (we were clearly the only fools there for the night). The kind man gave us a map, which we promptly used to find another nearby campsite.

Playing a game called Dump Dirt on the Bench Where Mommy Will Sit, & Then Eat Some Rocks For Good Measure.

Perhaps the most hilarious picture of Kate, ever. I have no idea why she looks so dejected, but I suspect it has something to do with burned hot dogs or that someone made her wait until after dinner to eat marshmallows. Future blackmail potential of this photo was worth whatever caused it.

Whatever you do, do NOT enlarge this photo. Doing so will likely cause you to want to shower immediately afterwards, and perhaps to eat a roasted marshmallow or 3. Luke ate approximately half a bag while at Lake Tahoe.

Yes, the girls are eating graham crackers and chocolate milk for breakfast. It was day 3 on the road. We had each had approximately 4 hours of sleep per night by then, and I was ready to let them eat s'mores and jujubees for breakfast if they would just be good on the drive.


joanna said...

I've been wondering how the camping went! I think graham crackers and chocolate milk is a great camp breakfast. Mine would have been asking where the marshmallows were again.

Tim said...

We do need to give Kate credit for cooking breakfast that morning. She made toast by cooking bagels over the fire and did a great job.

Andrea and Ben said...

hahaha, I think I woke Reid up laughing so loudly at the picture of Kate looking so sad! Good for you guys for doing it, I want to take Reid camping so bad. Not bad enough to face the humidity and spiders on this peninsula though ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Hahahahahhahahahah!!!!! I need to know more about this camping trip! Why only four hours of sleep (I am SCARED of your response.) Did you all sleep in one tent? I agree that graham crackers and chocolate milk for breakfast are pretty much the primary reason I enjoyed camping so much as a kid.

(And he gave you a MAP! To find a new campsite! HAH HAHHHHAHHAHAHA!!!)