Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Found: 2 fists, a thumb and even some toes

Erm, that sounds a bit macabre. But this is what I mean:

Look! I have fists! Also, a wedgie. I am now wearing size 9mo, whenever my mom can remember. When she forgets, I just shake my fists at her. Or at the world.

Drooooool. There is a lot of spit around here.

Been a bit busy here. The girls started swim lessons this week. In Summerlin. So that's about a 2-hour event every day for 20 minutes worth of lessons. Not getting much else done around here.

Tim is trying like crazy to get back home. By this I mean that he is done with his work over there in fanistan, but is jumping through flaming hoops to catch the right flights. He's probably stuck in the Italian riviera right now. Love ya, babe!


Katie said...

I hope Tim makes it home super fast....and getting two kids to swim lessons and caring for a baby on top of it is MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE ACCOMPLISH in a day. So, no need to do anything else!

Tim said...

This is so very NOT like the Italian Riviera, although I am finally in a country where you can drink and probably the folks in fanistan would consider this like the Riviera. I'm just happy to finally upgrade from washing clothes in the sink to using a machine.

Leg #3 tomorrow so my fingers are crossed to get back to the states by Friday.

Love you,


Colleen said...

Are your girls doing ISR? I have Elisa doing her refresher lessons right now - and boy, does she need them! She has no fear in the water, which is great, but that means she just swims around looking for us instead of flipping over. Not great.

I decided to wait until Anna turns 1 so she can do the full sequence. (10 mos now)... how early did you start the girls?

Andrea_Ben said...

Little (not so little) Luke is the cutest!!! Hope Tim makes it back soon.

Jen said...

Colleen, the girls are doing ISR again. Kate finished her refresher course in 4 days, but Claire will likely take about 2 weeks. She has regressed tremendously, and refuses to float. She keeps going vertical, which freaks me out. Kate is sort of like Elisa - no fear, but not so much a fan of floating. She can do it now, though, if she has to.

I started Claire when she was about 6-7mo, and I probably wouldn't do them that early again. Luke won't be old enough this year to start them, but if he was, I would wait until next year. I didn't feel like we got enough out of them at that age.