Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Kate can now open our door. She's wearing a dress of mine from when I was 3. Yes, she is only 17 months.

Kate plays with matches.

Sleep. It is a magical thing, something that I have lacked for oh, about 5 1/2 weeks now. But last night I think I got some of the best sleep I've gotten in weeks. Claire is still eating about every 3 hours, but I think she's on the verge of dropping a feeding. Yahoo. She woke up around 1:15am and cried until I sat up in bed, mere seconds later. Then all was quiet again. Yeehaw, I'm going back to sleep! She did wake up again about 45 minutes later, but that was a whole extra 45 minutes of blissful sleep for me. She did the same thing around 4:15am, not needing to actually eat until 5am. Then, then, both kids slept until almost 8am. Big sigh of contentment here.

I feel like I can do just about anything. I am so well-rested (comparatively) that I hardly know what to do with myself. So I'm blogging. I ought to be doing laundry, picking up all the toys in the living room so one can actually walk to the sofa, writing thank you notes, or any number of other things. But that can wait. I'm taking a break.

Have you heard about this? Washington state's interscholastic activities association's director (sports authority) wants to ban booing at sports events. Are you kidding?


Andrea & Ben said...

Kate is so adorable. Three huh? I guess you were pretty tiny! I am totally disgusted with the booing ban. Puh-lease. That is what sports is all about :0) There is definitely a line over which some will cross, but if you are going to play sports, put on the big girl panties and live with the boos.

Katie said...

Those dresses must have been the rage when we were young. I had one just like that. It reminds me of Raggedy Ann. I also think the styles were for shorter/smaller looking dresses back in the day! So, it will probably still fit her for a long time.

I can't believe she can open the door! YIKES!

I'm glad you got some sleep!

Jen said...

Andrea, you crack me up. And that dress of mine does remind me of Raggedy Ann. She must have had one just like it!